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Since 1989, Inland Seas Education Association (ISEA) has provided learners of all ages with hands-on experiences aboard traditionally-rigged tall ship schooners, along the shores of the Great Lakes, and in local rivers, streams, and wetlands. As a non-profit organization located in Suttons Bay, Michigan, our mission is to inspire a lifetime of Great Lakes curiosity, stewardship, and passion in people of all ages. Our goal is to provide people with the information they need to become stewards of the Great Lakes. 

After 35 years and reaching more than 165,000 program participants, we are convinced that the scientists and citizens who will solve the Great Lakes’ problems of the future will sail aboard Inland Seas’ ships today. We hope you’ll join us on a program as a learner, supporter, or as one of our 120+ volunteers that keep our organization running.


Inland Seas Education Association reviews all educational programs on a yearly basis. Annual reports include yearly financial data and organizational highlights.

Inland Seas Education Association yearly evaluates our programs from the perspective of the students, teachers, public participants, and volunteers. The results are compiled into a report and are used to assist with planning for the upcoming year. Contact the office at (231) 271-3077 with questions.

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