Great Lakes Resources

There are so many ways to learn about the Great Lakes. Here are some of the best resources:

Great Lakes Literacy Principles – These are the things every person should know and understand about the Great Lakes

Great Lakes Observing System – “The Great Lakes Observing System is a coordinated network of people, equipment and technology working together to provide data about the Great Lakes in a variety of formats and applications.” Go here to find real-time data on wind, waves, temp, and lake levels, harmful algal blooms, and so much more!

Great Lakes Brochures and Factsheets – NOAA creates one-page factsheets about many important issues. They are all here.

About Our Great Lakes – Great Lakes Environmental Research Lab (GLERL) produced this excellent summary of the Great Lakes as a whole, plus profiles on each of the individual lakes.

Great Lakes Environmental Research Lab (GLERL) – GLERL is a NOAA research laboratory. Use this website to find data about the Great Lakes.

Great Lakes Aquatic Nonindigenous Aquatic Species Information – find species ranges and fact sheets for all nonindigenous species in the Great Lakes (NOAA/GLERL)

Plankton Identification Fact Sheets (Plankton ID cards p1, Plankton ID cards p2) – See common types of plankton in Lake Michigan and fascinating facts about each. Who they eat, who eats them, and their behaviour.

While not specifically focused on the Great Lakes, the NOAA Planet Stewards Education Project provides education and stewardship project support. Their resources and past projects can be applied to the Great Lakes region and will help you get your students and community involved.

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