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Stewarding Growth

Help us raise $75,000 so that all students are able to connect with the Great Lakes in a meaningful way.

“I love seeing the variety of science and math topics the ISEA staff is able to use in meaningful ways to bridge the gap between our school and our lakes while keeping students highly engaged and involved in the work of becoming Great Lakes stewards.” 

Lauren Petz, Suttons Bay Public Schools Teacher

During 2022, ISEA programs reached more than 6,000 participants around the Great Lakes. Throughout the sailing season, 136 Schoolship and 33 ROV Engineer and Explore programs were conducted. In addition, youth engaged in 16 shoreside Watershed Exploration programs. These numbers are above our record-setting 2019 season.

Demand for ISEA programs is increasing at an exponential rate and we need your assistance to keep pace with the growing needs of teachers and students. In the last seven years, Inland Seas delivered programs to 50,000 participants, a number that previously took 12-13 years to reach. Over the past 33 years, more than 155,000 learners of all ages embarked on their Great Lakes stewardship journey through ISEA programs thanks to our donors.

Teachers tell us they bring their students to ISEA because our programs closely fit their curriculum, they love to have the students experience the Great Lakes in a relevant, hands-on scientific way, and the experiential learning keeps their students engaged. They also share the best part of their trip is:

  • the connections their students make to the ecology of the Great Lakes.
  • seeing their students in their role as stewards, not just consumers of the lakes for recreation.
  • watching their students get excited and engaged in the science, stewardship, and seamanship…for the entire trip.

The schools need us to provide this important programming, and we need you! Your year-end donation goes directly to support the growing demand for ISEA programs. Help us reach our goal of $75,000 by December 31.

As of 12/5/2022

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