Boat Donations

You can support Inland Seas by donating your boat (e.g., sail, power, kayak, paddleboard, etc.) and boat-related gear (e.g., life jackets, lines, paddles, anchors, electronics, etc.). Donated items are sold to the public who are often first-time boaters and eager to begin a journey on the water. This ongoing fundraiser makes it affordable for them to get on the Great Lakes, supports ISEA and our mission, and may be a tax deduction for the donor.

All monies raised from boat sales will be used to support the operation of ISEA. Donated gear will be used to fit out donated boats or offered for sale at the annual ISEA Barn Sale.

Contact us at or (231) 271-3077 for more information on donating your boat.

Donated boats are listed for sale on Facebook Marketplace. Check our Facebook page for active listings.

Support ISEA through your purchases

  • Great Lakes Tea and Spice of Glen Arbor, MI will donate $1 for every 3.0 oz. tin or $.50 for every 1.4 oz. pouch of Mackinaw Breeze or Sweetwater Vanilla tea to Inland Seas.

PayPal Giving Fund

If you donate through the PayPal Giving Fund site, PayPal covers all processing fees so 100% of your donation goes to Inland Seas!

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