Donated Boat Sales Volunteer

Each year used boats are donated to Inland Seas. These boats are cleaned up, repaired, and listed for sale. Revenue from the sale of these boats is used for ISEA operations.

As a donated boat sales volunteer, you would:

·   Complete paperwork to accept donated boats
·   Clean up boats (e.g., wash, throw out trash, etc.)
·   Place sale information on boat (e.g., year, brand, name, price, etc.)
·   Accept calls and show boats to interested parties
·   Complete paperwork to sell boats
·   Work with Office Manager for letters to be sent to original donors
·   Take boats out of winter storage; return boats to winter storage

If you are interested in becoming a donated boat sales volunteer or have any questions, please contact Executive Director Fred Sitkins,, or call (231) 271-3077.

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