Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) Program Inquiry

Challenge your group to explore Grand Traverse Bay and the world of Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) with Inland Seas’ new engineering-based experience. This 2.5 hour program allows students to operate a state-of-the-art ROV for an exploratory piloting experience in a harbor on Grand Traverse Bay. This investigative course offers a hands-on learning environment so that students can explore and experience the technology shaping research and industry in the Great Lakes and beyond.

The program begins with an invitation to students to step into the engineering and scientist mindset where all ideas are worth trying out and each question worth asking. At this time students are split into two groups. The first group to pilot the professional ROV is given operational instructions, and then tasked with underwater objectives that will develop their communication skills within a team. They are engaged in a discussion which will increase their awareness of the uses of ROVs and technology in the Great Lakes and open their eyes to what lies below the surface. The other groups spend their time working through hands-on engineering missions that develop students’ understanding of teamwork, problem solving skills, and understanding of the types of challenges ROV operators overcome in their work. The students then switch roles, allowing everyone to be the pilot and explore Grand Traverse Bay with our ROV.

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