Inland Seas offers a variety of programs aboard the schoolship and shoreside. Explore the programs offered below to find the one that’s right for you or your group.

School Field Trips

School Field Trips

The mission of Inland Seas Education Association is to “promote stewardship of the Great Lakes through hands-on education.” When you bring your class on-board the schooner, your students will gain a unique insight into the basic ecology of the Great Lakes. Students become scientists for the day and assist veteran volunteer instructors with the collection and analysis of Great Lakes samples, including fish, plankton and organisms that live along the bottom (benthos). This hands-on experience often translates into an increased awareness of the Great Lakes and promotes stewards. Read more…

Public and Family Programs

Public & Family Programs


Our public programs provide an opportunity for individuals to experience and learn the science and spirit of the Great Lakes to better understand the importance of protecting and preserving our freshwater resources. Read more…

Young People in STEM

Young People in STEM


Participants on Inland Seas Education Association’s Young Men in STEM and Young Women in STEM programs become scientists, engineers, mathematicians, and crew-members aboard the schooner Inland Seas.

This is a three-day research-based program for high school students with a strong interest in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). On each trip 10 participants eat, sleep, and work aboard the schooner while deeply exploring the functioning and health of the Great Lakes. Read more…




Throughout the summer, groups can rent (charter) the schooner Inland Seas. These custom-made sails range from two hour sails to multiple day sails and can include educational programming. Read more…

Boat Building

Boat Building Programs


ISEA’s boat building programs connect with our mission of inspiring Great Lakes curiosity, stewardship, and passion by building a life-long love of the Great Lakes. We take care of the things we are passionate about, and we can’t think of a better way to build a passion for our Great Lakes than by helping individuals to enjoy them in/on a boat that they build. ISEA’s boat building programs are designed to provide a balance of both traditional and modern boat construction techniques. These skills are taught through a wide variety of programs. Read more…

Education Center and Museum

Capt. Thomas M. Kelly Biological Station

1911603_10152910847408828_7011278168169732895_nPrograms in the Inland Seas Capt. Thomas M. Kelly Biological Station are designed to compliment shipboard activities. They involve many science and historical aspects of the Great Lakes and can range from an hour to a day in length. The Biological Station includes the interactive Great Lakes Invaders exhibits, aquariums with local fishes, and a research library. Our hands-on, interactive exhibit space is available for scheduled programs as well as self-guided tours. Read more…

Wetland Walks

Wetland Walks

Wetland Walks ImageThe Shoreline restoration and Wetland Demonstration Project was constructed in 2006 behind the Capt. Thomas M. Kelly Biological Station along the shoreline of our waterfront property. These wetlands offer a unique opportunity for educational programs. The program offers guided tours through the wetlands to learn about the role of coastal wetlands in Michigan as well as what plants and animals call the wetlands home. Programs are offered to students, families, land owners, and other interested groups and generally last a few hours. Read more…

Teacher Workshops

Teacher Workshops


Teachers can be students, too! ISEA offers teacher workshops during the summer to keep you up-to-date on Great Lakes issues and connect you to other area teachers. Space is limited, so make plans now to take advantage of these great opportunities. Read more…

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