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We welcome any amount to fund programs such as Schoolship and Beyond Schoolship, boat building, shoreside, interns, new technology for teaching, etc. Just tell us the amount of your support and the program that is of importance to you. Below are some examples of ways you can support programming.


Schoolship – Sponsor a school or student to participate in a half-day of education on the schooner Inland Seas or Manitou

  • Full sponsorship: $2,475
  • School sponsorship: $825 (pay for school portion)
  • One student: $25

Beyond Schoolship – Support a school to participate in a half-day ROV, biking, soil science/stream monitoring, or other shoreside program

  • Full sponsorship: $900
  • School sponsorship: $300 (pay for school portion)

Young People in STEM – Help inspire high school students to be Great Lakes scientists in this 3-day, 2-night research program

  • Full trip sponsorship (10 students): $9,000
  • One day full sponsorship (10 students): $3,000
  • One student full sponsorship: $900
  • One student scholarship: $300

Boat Building – Costs associated with purchasing supplies and materials for student boat building programs

  • Materials for one canoe: $1,500
  • Materials for one Opti-Pram: $2,400

Interns – Summer interns are hired to assist with programming and marketing

  • One summer intern: $4,000

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