Young Women in STEM

Participants on Inland Seas Education Association’s Young Women in STEM programs become scientists, engineers, mathematicians, and crew-members aboard the schooner Inland Seas.

This is a three-day research-based program for high school students who have an interest in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). On each trip 9 participants eat, sleep, and work aboard the schooner while deeply exploring the functioning and health of the Great Lakes.

Participants determine the thermal structure of the lake, and collect fish, plankton, water, and lake sediment for analysis. They also record daily weather observations and report them to NOAA. With this foundation in Great Lakes limnology research, participants collaborate to design and complete a research project on invasive species or other topics of interest. A professional ROV is also available to assist with collecting data for research projects. At the end of the trip, groups present their research to family members, peers, and the general public who have gathered at the dock.

Shipboard life and the demands of sailing a traditionally rigged vessel are also important components of this experience! Students learn boating safety, navigation, and sail handling. They assist the crew with all aspects of vessel operation, including hoisting and handling sails, plotting and steering a course, helping in the galley, and standing watch. The shipboard experience builds personal leadership and cooperative teamwork skills.

The Young Women in STEM program is truly a life-changing experience for the young people who attend. This three-day sailing and research adventure opens their eyes to the realities of a career in the freshwater and STEM fields and forms our future scientists, mathematicians, designers, and engineers. Something magical happens when a student sits anchor watch aboard a 77′ traditional sailing vessel offshore of one of the beautiful islands around northern Michigan. Inland Seas believes the magic occurring aboard our ship today will inspire the solutions needed for protecting and preserving our Great Lakes in the future.

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3-days, 2-nights. $300. Cost includes meals, lodging, group gear, training in research and sailing, and qualified staff. Programs begin at approximately 9AM, and conclude at 4PM.

2020 Schedule

Young Women in STEM Programs:

June 23-25, 2020: Suttons Bay to Charlevoix – Full, Waitlist Only

July 1-3, 2020: Suttons Bay to Hessel – Only two spaces left!

July 23-25, 2020: Suttons Bay to Suttons BayFull, Waitlist Only

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