COVID-19 Impact on ISEA

Our number one concern is the health and safety of our students, staff, volunteers, guests, and community, therefore, Inland Seas Education Association is following CDC recommended guidelines and taking precautionary measures during this time of crisis. The following actions have been taken by ISEA. We are continuing to monitor the situation and will make additional adjustments as necessary.

  • The Capt. Thomas Kelly Biological Station is closed to the public and the facility has had a thorough cleaning.
  • Staff is working from home. Technology has allowed for continual communication and collaboration on projects. For staff needing to enter the facility for essential activities such as paying bills, picking up mail, and feeding the fish, a plan is in place.
  • Volunteer training took place online. Pre-recorded videos were posted weekly for volunteers to view at times convenient for them. 
  • Winter maintenance on the ships has ceased during the Stay at Home order. While we may not be able to complete all tasks we want, both ships are in a good position to be launched when able.
  • Due to Governor Whitmer closing in-person school for the remainder of the school year, our Spring Schoolship has been cancelled. 
  • Summer public programs and charters through July have been cancelled. To keep our participants safe, we are monitoring guidelines and developing plans for program size, sanitation, and program structure.

In addition to these precautions, ISEA is taking this time to focus on foundational improvements to come out the other side of this crisis in a position of strength. Inland Seas has experienced significant program growth and implemented a wide variety of new programs and experiences over the last few years. In order for these programs to be as impactful as possible, we are using this time to focus on the final systems, practices, and procedures to ensure all programs function as seamlessly as possible moving forward. It’s not often that an organization is provided with an opportunity to work on foundational things like systems and procedures so we want to get the most we can from the time provided. In this way, we can turn our full attention to delivering impactful programming as soon as this crisis subsides.

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