Schoolship Instructor Volunteer

ISEA’s Schoolship program is for students from 4th–12th grade. Students come onboard and participate in a three and a half (3.5) hour hands-on Great Lakes ecology experience, designed to promote stewardship of the Great Lakes. Our Schoolship instructors are trained by ISEA staff and become proficient in a learning station (no experience is necessary). Instructors guide students in small groups as they rotate through stations and discover the wonders of the Great Lakes. Our sailing season is mid-May through mid-October. Spring and Fall are dedicated to school groups, while the summer programs are open to the general public.

As a Schoolship instructor volunteer, you will:

·   Assist students as they rotate through stations, learning about plankton, benthos, fish, water chemistry, microplastics, and seamanship
·   Share information about Inland Seas with participants

If you are interested in becoming a Schoolship volunteer or have any questions, please contact ISEA’s Volunteer Coordinator Tom Maynard at (231) 271-3077.

For the Schoolship Manuals click on the links below:

  • The Schoolship Manuals are being edited, new manuals coming soon!

Starting 2016, students take pre- and post-trip evaluations for all of our programs.

Pre and Post student evaluations 2016, for each of these groups:

  • Elementary School Traditional/Next Gen Schoolship
  • Middle School Traditional/Next-Gen Schoolship
  • High School Traditional/Next-Gen Schoolship
  • College/Adult Traditional/Next-Gen Schoolship
  • Diving Deeper Schoolship

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