Schoolship Data and Figures

Diving Deeper Data

Diving Deeper 2016

The data collected in 2016 by Diving Deeper Students is found here!

Diving Deeper 2016

Diving Deeper 2015

All of the data and data analysis for 2015 is right here!

Diving Deeper Data Analysis 2015 This PDF file guides you through the figures – what questions do you ask to make sense of the data? Students: How should we redesign our studies for 2016? Please give your suggestions!

Diving Deeper 2015 Figures This powerpoint presentation includes all of the Figures created in the data analysis. It works with the PDF file above.

If you want to go even deeper, below are the spreadsheets for each data set. First is the spreadsheet for all of the data, and it includes the data only. After that are spreadsheets for each type of data, which include the data and the analysis so you can see how each of the figures were created.

Diving Deeper Student Data 2015

Mussels Diving Deeper 2015

Benthos Midge Diving Deeper 2015

Fish Diving Deeper 2015

Hydro Profile Diving Deeper 2015

Plankton Diving Deeper 2015


2016 Graphs


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